TestimonialsD’Mott has a distinctive, soulful voice that is refreshing in a period of music that seems to be obsessed with the technology of vocal processing. The rich tone quality of his voice, along with conviction, struggles, and victories from his life experience, gives him the ability to touch people from different walks of life. I have had the privilege, over the last thirteen years, to watch and hear D’Mott emerge as a great singer, songwriter, musician, and producer. He is very passionate about the gifts that he has been given, and is even more passionate about sharing them with the world.

– Tim Mole / Music Producer / Songwriter

Dejuaine “D’Mott” Motley is a gifted musician and an awesome drummer. His lyrics and song writing abilities are life changing and on the cutting edge of this time! He is one of the best singers and voices of this generation and he will lead many to the presence of God. You will definitely want to have his project as a part of your worship collection. Enjoy and be blessed!

– Bishop T. Anthony Bronner / Senior Pastor / Elim Christian Fellowship

DeJuaine Mötley has served as Music Director, percussionist and co-producer for “Hunger For His Presence Ministries” for over 10 years. He is an extraordinarily gifted and skilled musician and producer who is extremely creative and innovative, with a keen desire for excellence, tempered only by his love for God and his willingness to promote the Kingdom. I can trust and depend on the fact that DeJuaine will do exactly what he says he will do, and he will do what he says with enthusiasm, encouragement, and with his unusual zest for life. He is gregarious, affable, and a joy to work with. I’m grateful that God ordained our paths to cross.

– Jacquelyn Bellamy Copeland / Pastor / Songwriter

D’Mott is one of those guys you only meet once in a lifetime. From the moment we met, not only was there a strong musical connection, it was like meeting a long lost brother. He is a true man of integrity and honor. A prodigious drummer with incredible feel and groove!!! No doubt, he is one of my favorite drummers to play with. He understands HOW to play & most importantly, WHY he plays. I’m honored to call him my friend.

– Anton Nesbitt / Bassist / Producer

I have known D’Mott for nearly 15 years. He has truly been a blessing in my life and in the lives
of my family. We first met when he played on my first live recording, “One Focus”. I was very impressed by his excellent musicianship and his humble demeanor. He is very good to work with. His amicable disposition and love for others make him a joy to be around. D’Mott’s consistency and work ethic have been so refreshing in this day and time, and in this industry in particular. As we have worked together, over the years, he has always operated in a level of professionalism and integrity that is unparalleled. He is a very gifted musician and vocalist in his own right. His is a voice of distinction and character that is unlike any other. His soulful sounds and impeccable delivery are like a breath of fresh air! His pleasant personality and incredible gifting are definitely an award-winning combination. I am happy to have worked with D’Mott, and I look forward to hearing many great things to come from his ministry.

– LaDonna Mole / Singer / Songwriter

The musical ministry of D’Mott is nothing short of a gift from God. There’s an anointing on his sound that resonates with the soul. I believe his music penetrates cultural barriers as well as age barriers. From the family man to the guy on the streets, D’Mott’s music brings hope and a peace that only God can bring. I remember driving and listening to one of his songs, the words were penetrating my heart and before I knew it I was pulled off to the side of the road worshipping and crying and believing the Lord for my breakthrough! On the other hand my daughters cannot get enough of the song “Friend” they’re always asking for me to play it. It truly lifts their 7 & 9 year old hearts. My family and I are blessed beyond measure to be in relationship with this extraordinary man of God!

– Ken Sayres / Youth Pastor / Church of Love Faith Center

I’ve had the distinct honor of working with D’Mott over the last 13 years. It’s been magical watching him evolve as a drummer, writer, producer, and now singer. I’m glad the world is finally going to hear his heart and see his life.

– Matt Kelly / Singer / Songwriter / Producer

It is a rare occasion in one’s life to happen upon a manly character whose raw transparency and forthright nature reveal such unashamed love, and pure hearted motivation. From the first day we met, D’Mott’s declaration to me was, “I love you, and there’s nothing you can do about it!” This man I knew nothing about, so captured my heart, I had no choice but to embrace his pursuit of a genuine relationship to grow together in God’s call to change the world. We were black and white, as far apart in cultural context as one could imagine. But what I discovered was golden. D’Mott is exploding with a rich and creative expression of God’s love in word and song. He is reaching people whose hearts have been ripped apart by the devastated emptiness that once described his life. In his music, D’Mott communicates with beauty and excellence the healing power of God’s presence. He gives hope to the hopeless, and permission to the defeated to dream again, to reach out for the grace of God to live again in the fullness of His love and mercy. D’Mott has changed my world. His music and message will change yours too.

– Craig McLeod / Pastor of Life Church, West Seneca, New York

“D’Mott” – what you find when you look in the dictionary under “gifted” and “committed.” Years ago I had the opportunity to work with this talented, yet humble man of God. He has changed only in the development of his gift, the size of his heart, and his dedication and love for God! The person and the music of D’Mott will bless you!

– Donna Chapman / Psalmist / Songwriter