D’Mott – Pastor/Musician/Recording Artist


D’Mott has been surrounded by gospel music and the church all of his life. Even as a young child his talents weren’t gone unnoticed by the congregation. Every opportunity given to stand before the church to sing or play the guitar was taken advantage of. His love for music was motivation enough to excel at schoolwork and other extracurricular activities! But as he grew older his passions took a turn for the worst and his desires became more drawn to the flesh. There is no question that he was born to worship and serve the Lord, but the lures of the world seemed much more tangible. Around the 6th grade D’Mott’s life would never be the same, as he had to endure the divorce of his parents. This rocked his spiritual growth and he believed that God had forsaken his family so what sense did it make to live Holy, which resulted in his direct disobedience concerning the things of God. He no longer wanted any parts of church or God.

As the years went by he excelled at sports, particularly football and basketball but even with those successes, he still felt incomplete. He tried friendships and inappropriate relationships but still had a deep empty void. The saving grace in D’Mott’s life was his ability musically and how it made him feel. Drums were always an instrument he desired to play but never had the opportunity. D’Mott seized that opportunity thru LaMont Perry. His grandmother, the late Rev. Arlene Motley-Spells, pastored a church that was founded by his late grandfather Pastor Othalee “Sonny” Motley called King Solomon’s Holiness Church and he began playing drums there. As the church drummer other opportunities arose which led to other relationships, which in turn led him to this point of ministry. De’Juaine G. Motley or D’Mott, as he is affectionately known, carries an anointing that is necessary for this day and time in ministry. Because of his experiences in life, he is able to relate to the struggles teens and young adults are going through while trying to find peace in their pursuit of Christianity. He is aware that the enemy has a way of whispering in our ear and getting us to do what the most high instructs us not to do. So therefore, when God chose him for ministry he didn’t hesitate. D’Mott pastors the Remnant House Outreach Church in Buffalo, NY where they believe that all emphasis of the faith has to be a movement aimed directly towards touching the heart of God. All are loved and welcomed to share in the worshipping of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ no matter what has transpired in our lives or no matter what we’ve done. Having been a believer and sinner, D’Mott has finally sold out in representing the truth about Christ’s love for us and that’s why singing has become a focal point of ministry for him. He believes the more the word flows out of his mouth, the more integrity has to play a role in his life and ministry as an example of redemption.

Professionally as either a drummer or a singer D’Mott has been fortunate enough to share his talents with such artists as; Jacquelyn B. Copeland, Paulis Sanchez, Uneek, Divine Nature, Eric Matthews, Tim and Ladonna Mole, Darwin Hobbs, Beverly Crawford, The Gospel Keynotes, The Lumzy Sisters, Jonathan Slocumb, Bishop Neal Ellis, Bishop Clarence McClendon, Bishop Troy A. Bronner, Jide Adeoye, Anne Ugobor, Men of Standard, Jerome L. Ferrell and the Lighthouse Community Choir, Christopher Williams, Lenny Williams, The Kingdom Comedy Tour featuring Ricky Smiley, Ben Tankard, Dianna Hobbs, Earth, Wind and Fire, Will McFarlane, Osjai and Darrin Simpson of Black City Music Group, Joseph Wooten, Ghostrunner, Robie Takac of the Goo Goo Dolls, Shawny Mack of Kool and the Gang, 2 singles on “The Scroll Movie” soundtrack featuring TD Jakes, Marvin Sapp, Noel Jones, Wess Morgan, and Al Sharpton. Also, a host of other musicians and artists of different genres of music.

As D’Mott embarks on this newest chapter of his life in music ministry, his desires are to encourage men and women in the gospel by showing them that God’s grace and mercies are real and they are brand new every day. He wants everyone to know his life is testimony that no matter what you’ve done, the love God has for us, never changes towards us!